Woman installs camera in fridge after food goes missing, here’s what she found

A fridge is one of the much needed appliances. Whether you store food, drinks or fresh products. – refrigerators can surely come in use. However, what would you do if you take notice of the contents of your fridge were missing?

Not long ago, a woman took to social media to share her case regarding a shared refrigerator where her food kept vanishing. The post was shared by user u/Not_entirely_sure__ and has already amassed 17k upvotes. The woman narrated the ordeal of how she learnt her food was missing, and how she placed a camera inside the fridge in order to catch the guilty party.

According to the woman, she lives in a house with three other girls. They have a shared fridge where they had a shelf each for their food and drinks. However, she found out that products from her shelf kept disappearing. “I see multiple times a week that a large portion of my food and milk is gone. It’s unbelievably frustrating, and also very time- consuming and expensive having to buy/cook new food,” she said.

On the advice of a friend, she decided to install a camera inside the fridge to unmask who was stealing her food. She had doubts over her flatmate, Kate, of being the culprit but couldn’t present any evidence to corroborate her allegations.The camera inside the fridge revealed in a week’s time that it was, in fact, Kate who was taking her supplies from the fridge. Kate instead stood up to the discourse saying that it was wrong to place a camera without the knowledge of others involved.

People debated in the comments section whether or not placing the fridge camera was correct. Some said that it was the only way that the flatmate could be caught. Others said that maybe the woman could have told the other flatmate about the camera.

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