Ukraine-Russia war LIVE – Humiliated Putin has ‘NO CHOICE’ but back down to Kyiv after ‘appalling miscalculations’

VLADIMIR Putin has ‘no choice’ but to back down to Kyiv after his ‘appaling miscalculations’ the UK’s armed forces minister has said.

James Heappey, the UK’s armed forces minister, stressed that we will be arming the Ukrainians in order to restore their ‘territorial integrity’.

His comments highlighted how Putin’s invasion had so far largely been a spectacular failure.

Speaking on a visit to Uganda, Mr Heappey said: “Putin has miscalculated appallingly. The behaviour of him and his armed forces has only strengthened our resolve.

“We are determined that Putin will fail in his mission and Ukraine will get to end this on their terms, with the restoration of their territorial integrity.”

He added: “The UK is providing Ukraine with weapon systems with increasing range.

“We are arming the Ukrainians in order to restore their territorial integrity, we are arming the Ukrainians to recover their freedom, to re-discover and re-own their democracy.”

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