Tory Nadine Dorries moans to BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg for tweeting what an MP said

The Tory Culture Secretary, whose Cabinet brief includes the BBC, later deleted the tweet as critics accused her of trying to police the Corporation’s output

Nadine Dorries added another notch to her long list of criticisms of the BBC

The Tory Culture Secretary has been slammed for moaning at the BBC ’s political editor for tweeting what an MP said.

Nadine Dorries, whose Cabinet brief includes the BBC, was accused of trying to police Laura Kuenssberg’s output in the now-deleted post.

Ms Dorries, who has previously been highly critical of the BBC, took exception to an MP who told Ms Kuenssberg Boris Johnson “looked weak and sounded weak” at a meeting last night.

The anonymous Tory MP claimed “authority is evaporating” during the gathering of the 1922 Committee of back benchers.

But Ms Dorries wrote: “Laura, I very much like and respect you, but we both know, that text is ridiculous.

“Although nowhere near as ridiculous as the person – obviously totally desperate for your attention – who sent it”.

The Tory Cabinet minister’s brief includes… the BBC


Nadine Dorries /Twitter)

Asked if she sent the tweet publicly in error or why she deleted it, a source close to Ms Dorries declined to comment.

Former London mayor candidate Siobhan Benita tweeted: “Nadine Dorries is not fit to be Culture Secretary.”

Labour MP Karl Turner said: “Sec of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport publically [sic] tells off @bbclaurak for having the audacity to report Johnson’s terrible state today and then quickly deletes the tweet.”

Twitter pundit James Felton added: “You know being Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport doesn’t mean you’re the boss of journalism right.”

The Culture Secretary has a long history of eyebrow-raising tweets about the BBC and to journalists, among many other issues.

In 2012 she suggested ministers should withhold the licence fee payout at a round of negotiations, unless they did more to address discrimination.

The Culture Secretary has a long history of eyebrow-raising tweets



In February 2020 she wrote: “The BBC favour strident, very left wing, often hypocritical and frequently patronising views that turn people away.”

In October 2014 she wrote: “BBC needs to up its game in political presentation. Dull, boring, male and ageing wig wearing men losing the plot don’t cut it anymore.”

On Nick Watt joining Newsnight, a role Andrew Neil hailed as “excellent”, she retorted: “Or in other words, the BBC recruits straight from The Guardian, again.”

On a Guido Fawkes story about a nurse interviewee worried about PPE being a left-wing activist, she replied: “Would the BBC ever put up a Conservatives activist? Don’t hold your breath…”

She also threatened to nail a Sunday Mirror reporter’s testicles to the floor in 2013 – for asking how her daughter could work as her secretary when she lived nearly 100 miles away.

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