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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You’ve probably already done a double-take at the pump, because the price of fuel has been inching higher and higher.

This holiday weekend, gas in Minnesota is, on average, $4.24 a gallon. Over in Wisconsin it’ll cost you even more — $4.42 a gallon. As we head into road-trip season, here are some tips on maximizing your gas and minimizing the cost.

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“The last time I bought gas, it was $4.59,” Bob Bauer said. “That is a lot, but everything’s a lot now.”

Bauer paid for that gas in New York. He is on vacation in Minnesota for Twin Cities Spin, a square-dancing conference.

“It’s a lot of fun. You get to meet people from all over the country, Japan as well,” Bauer said. “It works your brain as well as your body.”

These days, trips like that are working people’s wallets.

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“I flew but I paid for it because the airfare was higher because of the price of jet fuel,” Bauer said.

If you decide you want to travel by car, the Department of Energy has several ways to preserve gas. One of those ways is to keep the pedal off the metal — that is to say, take your speed down to 50 miles per hour. Your fuel mileage decreases rapidly as you drive above that speed.

Another gas saver is to just cruise. Using the cruise control can help save gas.

Third, maintaining maintenance. Fixing a car that is out of tune or has failed an emissions test can improve gas mileage by 4%. Having tires properly inflated can help by 3%.

Work to reduce the amount of items you’re carrying in the vehicle. An added 100 pounds can decrease efficiency by 1% to 2%.

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The Department of Energy says a big way to preserve gas is by not driving aggressively. Quickly accelerating and stopping can make gas mileage 33% less efficient.

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