Timothy Ubben, investment executive and philanthropist who helped low-income students go to college, dies at 84

“The whole idea of Posse is that you go into these urban public school systems and there’s students there that otherwise would not be found, and the SAT score has become a problem in getting these kids into the best schools,” said Ubben’s son, who later was chairman of the national Posse Foundation. “So he wanted to … celebrate the underdog who was flourishing in a tough environment and then give them the opportunity. And the cool thing about Posse is that (students) go with a cohort of 10 to one (university), so if you go by yourself from an African American community to, say, DePauw, you might be very alone, as DePauw is in the middle of nowhere, but if you go with a group of 10 that you train with … you can actually change the campus, which is what Posse does.”

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