Tamil Nadu’s Famous Bull Taming Sport Kick-Starts With COVID-19 Norms In Avaniyapuram

Chennai: The bulls and bulls tamers were all geared to put up a show of strength to remain an undefeated hero in their districts on Thursday, For the first Jallikattu event of the year. This comes from the world-famous Avaniyapuram of Madurai district

All the spectators too gathered near the Vaadi Vasal in Avaniyapuram to witness the feat after nearly a year despite COVID-19 restrictions.

On the Thai Pongal Day at 8 Am, the bulls were let out of the Vaadi Vasal to the whistles and applause of the spectators. The enthusiasm and euphoria soared high in the air at Vaadi Vasal, as the bulls were released, the tamers barged into the bull to show their control. Yet many bulls searingly faced all the men and made their way undefeated.

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In a video shared by ANI, a searing bull attacked a tamer and he was rushed out of the Vaadi Vasal by the medical team for first aid.

Along with the Avaniyapuram Jallikattu, several other Jallikattu events are also scheduled for the day. 

The Jallikattu is a Tamil sport practiced from the Tamil classical period (400-100 BCE) and the game has currently transformed into a platform for young men to display their bravery.

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Amid the surge in COVID-19 cases, Tamil Nadu government also issued a SOP to keep a check on the Jallikattu events and to curb the spread of novel coronavirus. 

As per the SOP, the state government made it mandatory for bull owners to produce a negative RT-PCR test report taken at least 48 hours before the event and a fully vaccinated certificate.

The Tamil Nadu government also restricted the spectators to 150 members or 50% of seating capacity.

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