Strawberry Hand Pies Recipe | Bon Appétit

What’s better than pie? How about a strawberry hand pie, perfect for you and you alone. As if ripe summer strawberries aren’t exciting enough, chef Nicole A. Taylor takes them to the next level, macerating and infusing them with a bit of fresh ginger, lending warmth to the berry’s floral notes. They get encased in a peppery, butter-based crust before getting baked off (not fried, as hand pies often are) to a golden rich hue. The result is a flaky crust with a jammy berry filling, juices oozing from the sides. Salted goat cheese frosting makes a tangy counterpoint to the sweet strawberries. These hand pies make a great snack as is, or turned into a grand treat when thrown into a milkshake with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. —Rachel Gurjar

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