Rachel Stevens out after losing skate-off to Kye Whyte as Regan and Kimberley top leaderboard

DANCING On Ice star Rachel Stevens was the latest star to be voted out after losing skate-off to Kye Whyte.

The S Club 7 star found herself in the skate-off for the second time in a row as judges voted to save the Olympic BMX star.

Regan Gascoigne and Kimberley Wyatt topped the leaderboard as Stef Reid wowed fans with her performance.

In a jam-packed show fans went into a frenzy after Holly Willoughby was joined by Stephen Mulhern to host the show.

It came after presenter Phillip confirmed he would miss out on the show tonight due to testing positive for coronavirus.

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  • Team Bez is back

    Dancing on Ice fans can’t get enough of their funny fave.

    One fan Tweeted: “Yes Bez. That helmet needs its own profile! #DancingOnIce.”

  • Team Bez is back

    Dancing on Ice fans can’t get enough of their funny fave.

    One fan Tweeted: “Yes Bez. That helmet needs its own profile! #DancingOnIce.”

  • S Club Reunion

    Did you catch a glimpse of Rachel’s bandmate Jo O’Meara in the DOI audience?

    She looked just the same as back in the day too. What’s with S Club ageing backwards?

  • Poor Phil

  • Rachel’s out

    She had a good innings.

    Let’s be fair.

    Not easy being in the skate-off , like, the whole series.

    Well done, Rach.

  • That smile

    Soooo infectious.

    Fans are loving them so Kye.

  • Confident Kye

    Anyone else grooving in their seats with the BMX champ?

    This is gonna be a close call.

    Skate-offs, ey!

  • Sally is through!

    Eek did you see how nervous Kye looked to be in the skate off with Rach?

  • Bez is through

    And Regan.

    We can all go home now.

  • Touching tribute

    Wow. Fans have been blown away by that emotional skate for the late skate pro Sean Rice.

    Did you see that headbanger? Stunning.

  • Votes are in

    Fans have decided early who they want to stay.

    One Tweeted:” I’m voting for….Stephen Mulhern to replace Schofield…it’s a 10 from me.”

  • Purrrfect scores

    Did you see Kimberley top the leaderboard just now?

    Perfect scores for that Valentine’s outfit too.


  • Bez till last

    Do you see Bez looking all confident on the ice, giving fans a cheeky wiggle?

    He’s loving it. So are we.

  • Stitched up

    Can someone get a paramedic to Connor?

    Oh nooooo! Did you see him stopping the blood gushing from his chin after he fell before coming on live?


    Side note: He is one to watch, no? He was awesome.

  • Regal Regan

    He’s still giving fans goosebumps with his performance.

    No wonder he’s on top.

    Fans can’t get enough of him.

  • Bants

    Did you see the bants between old Strictly mates Oti and Brendan?

    Love how she was telling him he could do better.

    He just loved it.


  • Brendan’s back

    Shall we just give him the trophy now.

    He’s incredible.

    And we’re not just talking about that sheer top.


  • Miowwww

    Did you see the fans boo Christopher Dean for giving Liberty a 7 for her vogue?

    He hit back at them too.


  • Outfit envy

    I mean…Oti’s shining like a star

    NINTCHDBPICT000709872775Credit: Instagram
  • Saving the Bez till last

    Fans are chanting, well, Tweeting:

    “We want Bez. We want Bez. We want Bez. We want Bez”

  • Fro-mance

    Loving the look Kye.

    Kudos to the wardrobe department.


  • Kye’s the limit

    Injury? What injury.

    Kye is killing it.

    The end.

  • Fierce

    How much are fans loving Oti right now.

    The positive comments such a hit with fans.

    Did you see her giving Steff an 8?


  • Mourning Phil, much?

  • Regal Regan

    Check him out top off the leaderboard.

    Get in, Regan!!

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