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Andrew Turner suspended from the Royal Air Force

Deputy Chief Turner was naked in his garden in Oxfordshire when the incident occurred on August 10, 2021.

His neighbour, Simon Herbert, 54, had been in his garden building a fence when Air Marshal Turner bent down and flashed his bottom towards Herbert.

Herbert had seen him walk across their shared path with no clothes or shoes on before he crouched behind a tree.

“I freaked out and I jumped up and said ‘what are you doing’? He just stood up and walked back towards his house like a robot,” said Herbert.

On his approach to the house, the Air Marshal said he bent over to pick up a tennis ball, flashing his unsuspecting neighbour.

There has never been an issue between the two although Herbert does run an activity centre for children and keeps animals on the land.

He said that he had applied for an extension four years ago that Air Marshal Turner was unhappy about.

Turner was given a community resolution order, meaning he had to apologise to the family – including Herbert’s 18-year-old daughter who had witnessed it.

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