Kranti Redkar Responds To Nawab Malik’s Allegations, Tweets Photographs Of Hindu Marriage With Sameer Wankhede

New Delhi: To counter the fresh allegations of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Minister Nawab Malik at Sameer Wankhede, his wife Kranti Redkar Wankhede took to Twitter responding to questions pertaining to his religious identity.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officer has been targeted by NCP Minister Nawab Malik ever since Wankhede arrested Bollywood actor Shah Rukh’s son Aryan Khan in the Mumbai cruise drug bust case.

While responding to the allegations against her husband by the Maharashtra minister, questioning his religious identity, Kranti who is a Marathi actress by profession, confirmed that they had never converted to any other religion and had gotten married under the Hindu Marriage Act, 2017.

She also stated that her husband’s first marriage to Dr Shabana Qureshi took place under the Special Marriages Act, proving that he never misrepresented his identity as a Muslim in order to collect ‘benefits’, as Malik claimed.

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Kranti Redkar Wankhede Tweeted: “Me and my Husband Sameer are born Hindus. We have never converted to any other religion. V respect all religions. Sameer’s father too is Hindu married to my Muslim Mom in law who is no more. Sameer’s ex-marriage was under the special marriage act, divorced in 2016.Ours in Hindu marriage act 2017.”

The NCB director’s wife’s response came after Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik, on Monday, claimed that Sameer Wankhede is Muslim and his father’s name is ‘Dawood’.

The NCP leader had earlier released a photo of Wankhede from his first wedding to Dr Shabana Qureshi, hinting that Sameer Wankhede claimed to be Hindu and forged his caste certificate in order to be selected in the civil services.

On this allegations, Wankhede issued a statement saying that publishing of his personal documents on Twitter is intended to malign him, his family, his father and his late mother.


“The series of acts of Honourable Minister over the past few days have put me and my family under tremendous mental and emotional pressure. I am pained by the nature of personal, defamatory and slanderous attacks by Honourable Minister without any justification,” Wankhede said. 

This is one of the latest exchanges in the controversial drug case involving Aryan Khan, who is currently under arrest. 

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