‘Johnson’s reckless attitude has damaged trust at crucial moment in Covid fight’ – Voice of the Mirror

Boris Johnson’s behaviour in Downing Street is reprehensible

With power comes responsibility. How you conduct yourself in office matters because the general public look to you to set an example for others.

This is why the behaviour of Boris Johnson in Downing Street is so reprehensible.

His willingness to flout the rules, whether it is failing to wear a mask in hospital or allowing potentially illegal parties in No10, has undermined the Government’s ability to enforce the new Covid restrictions.

As our poll reveals more than three-quarters of people are less likely to follow rules if they are broken by the people setting them, the PM’s reckless attitude has damaged trust at a crucial moment in the fight against Covid.

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It has also emboldened Tory MPs who are planning to revolt in large numbers next week against the Plan B measures.

The Government is now having to rely on Opposition support to win the vote.

Labour has taken the mature stance of putting public health before party politics.

By doing so they are showing a responsibility that is desperately lacking in Downing Street.

Bitter feelings

A pint in your local is to soar in price by 40p as bars seek to recoup lost earnings from Christmas party cancellations.

While drinkers will wince at the cost, many will have sympathy with the publicans.

Covid has already caused the closure of hundreds of pubs and bars this year and the new restrictions will only put more in jeopardy.

At the same time, Rishi Sunak has turned off support for businesses affected by the virus.

The new restrictions are necessary, but if ministers are going to impose such measures they should do more to help those firms that are worst affected by them.

Cheesed off

A survey found almost half of Britons buy too much food at Christmas with cheese most likely to end up in the bin.

The findings should give shoppers food for thought as it’s crackers to waste good grub.

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