I work in McDonald’s and this is the secret to how they make their onions so delicious but the truth might upset you

IN the height of lockdown, we tried our best to replicate our favourite McDonald’s meals at home – but somehow it never quite went to plan. No matter how hard we tried.

Either the fries ended up soggy or the chicken nuggets were super dry – but the giant slabs of onion in her homemade Big Mac had to be our biggest fail of all.

The McDonald's worker gave insight into the fast food chain's kitchen


The McDonald’s worker gave insight into the fast food chain’s kitchenCredit: Alamy
On the one hand, they have diced onions that are ready to go


On the one hand, they have diced onions that are ready to goCredit: TikTok/maccas_myths

That said, a McDonald’s worker has revealed exactly how they make them so delicious – and it turns out, we never stood a chance at all.

Earlier this month, TikToker Maccas Myths gave their 2,000 followers a behind-the-scenes look at the McDonald’s they work in.

They said: “At Macca’s, we have two types of onions.

“Large onions which have been cut up and dehydrated onions which are put it water overnight.”


The anonymous employee claimed that they are then put in onion shakers the following morning for workers to use.

As the Daily Mail reports, the dehydrated onions are used in Big Macs, hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

But why use dehydrated onions over fresh ones? Well, it increases their shelf life and tends to have a more concentrated flavour.

The clip has racked up over 270,000 views and viewers were divided over the use of fresh and dehydrated vegetables.

One replied: “Those dehydrated onions hit differently.”

Another added: “The diced onions taste so good though!!”

Every night, the employees soak dehydrated onions for the following day


Every night, the employees soak dehydrated onions for the following dayCredit: TikTok/maccas_myths

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “I rehydrate onion flakes for my burgers at home because my kids say it tastes just like McDonald’s.”

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