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How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer in Elden Ring

Three Elden Ring players standing on a cliff.

Elden Ring makes cooperative play unnecessarily clunky. Whether or not you’re seeking to play on-line with your pals or random Tarnished, right here’s what that you must find out about summoning, effigies, required objects, and multiplayer passwords in Elden Ring.

Warning: This text comprises minor spoilers for objects in Elden Ring.

Be a part of Somebody Else’s Recreation

Earlier than you possibly can run round with different gamers in Elden Ring, you’ll want to select up a couple of key objects. The primary one you’ll wish to snag is the Tarnished’s Furled Finger (discovered within the recreation’s tutorial), which lets you create a summon signal for cooperative play. This lets different gamers summon you to their world—successfully beginning a cooperative session. Merely use the merchandise out of your stock, and also you’ll create a summoning signal that may be seen by different gamers.

Furled Finger in Elden Ring menu.

Summon a Participant to Your Recreation

Should you’d quite summon gamers to your recreation world, you’ll want to seek out the Furlcalling Finger Treatment, which may be bought from distributors or crafted in your stock (after buying their recipe from Kalé on the Church of Elleh.) This lets you see close by summoning indicators and pull a participant into your recreation.

Finger Remedy menu in Elden Ring.

Summoning Swimming pools and Effigies of Martyrs

You may as well discover Effigies of Martyrs positioned at key factors within the recreation. Activating these and utilizing the Furlcalling Finger Treatment will present you a pool of gamers seeking to be part of your world. Should you’d wish to be summoned to a random world, you need to use the Small Golden Effigy (discovered on a Martyr Effigy close to the First Step Website of Grace) whereas close to one in every of these Effigies of Martyrs.

Elden Ring Golden Effigy menu.

Taking part in Co-Op With Mates

Whereas the above strategies allow you to play co-op with strangers, typically you want the assistance of a particular particular person in your good friend’s listing. Should you’re seeking to play co-op with a good friend, you’ll must dive into the Multiplayer sub-menu and arrange a “Multiplayer Password.” You and your buddy must set the identical password, which is able to then solely populate their summoning sign up your world.

Remember the fact that you’ll should be on the identical in-game location to see the summoning signal. For instance, if you wish to summon a good friend that will help you within the Church of Elleh, they’ll must put down a summon signal within the Church of Elleh. In the event that they put down a summoning signal anyplace else, you’ll must run over to its location to activate it.

Like many FromSoftware video games, multiplayer is a bit buggy. Should you’re following the above steps and an indication isn’t displaying up, attempt to restart the sport or reload the world.

Limitations to Elden Ring Co-Op

Elden Ring character wearing light armor.

Whereas having a good friend be part of you in Elden Ring makes the journey much less daunting, there are some heavy limitations positioned on its use. Listed below are a couple of restrictions to remember earlier than leaping into co-op:

  • When you enter a co-op world, you may be invaded by a hostile participant. This primarily turns your cooperative session right into a aggressive session, with you and your pals trying to kill the invader and despatched them again to their world.
  • You can not mount Torrent whereas in co-op.
  • Co-op is restricted to a most of three gamers directly: A number plus two summoned characters.
  • Summoned characters could have lowered attributes and half their traditional Flasks.
  • Defeated bosses will solely be vanquished within the host’s world, and defeating a boss sends summoned gamers again to their very own worlds.
  • Cross-play will not be supported between totally different platforms. (In different phrases, PS5 gamers need to play with different PS5 gamers, PC gamers need to play with different PC gamers, and Xbox gamers need to play with different Xbox gamers.)

Elden Ring Co-Op: Settings to Allow

Earlier than you possibly can dive into Elden Ring‘s co-op, you’ll must activate a couple of settings in your menu. These are sometimes activated by default, however when you run into hassle you’ll wish to double-check them.

First, navigate to System > Community in Elden Ring. Allow the “Send Summon Sign” choice and alter “Launch Setting” to “Play Online.”

Elden Ring Cooperative Gadgets Overview

An Effigy of the Martyr location in Elden Ring.

Between the Tarnished’s Furled Finger, Furlcalling Finger Treatment, and Small Golden Effigy, it’s simple to lose monitor of what merchandise that you must use to energetic multiplayer. Should you’re having hassle with all of the jargon, we’ve pulled collectively Elden Ring‘s key cooperative objects beneath:

  • Small Golden Effigy: Sends a summon signal to close by activated summoning swimming pools. Use this merchandise when close to Effigies of the Martyr and seeking to be part of one other participant’s recreation.
  • Tarnished’s Furled Finger: Creates a summon signal. Use this to affix one other participant’s recreation.
  • Furlcalling Finger Treatment: Reveals close by summon indicators. Use this to summon gamers to your world.
  • Effigies of the Martyr: Statues scattered all through the Lands Between that allows cooperative gameplay utilizing the Small Golden Effigy.

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