‘Families struggle to afford bills but only one blind to crisis is the Chancellor’ – Voice of the Mirror

Higher fuel costs and food prices are set to make lives tougher for many in the UK – if only we had a Government willing to do something about it

Rishi Sunak is out of touch with the real cost of living

Higher fuel and food prices mean families were already facing a tough winter.

The inflation rise, which hit a 10-year high of 4.2% last month, will make life even harder.

Prices are rising faster than wages so many homes will struggle to afford their bills.

And the worst is yet to come. Most analysts believe inflation could soon rise to 6%, forcing the Bank of England to raise interest rates.

This would benefit savers but be a blow to firms and anyone with a mortgage or loan.

Families also face a rise in taxes from April and fuel bills are set to increase in the New Year when the price cap is raised yet again.

The only person who appears blind to this cost of living crisis is the Chancellor.

In last month’s Budget he could have helped us weather this gathering storm but instead inflicted more misery on cash-strapped Brits.

Hope for vets

For years Britain’s nuclear test veterans have called for a recognition of their bravery – only to be met by Ministry of Defence obstruction and obfuscation.

Finally, they were given reason to hope yesterday when Boris Johnson agreed to meet the survivors and their families. Now he must be good to his word.

Thousands of servicemen risked their lives by taking part in the nuclear tests. Ill health linked to their exposure to radiation is the price they paid for their valour.

The US, Australia, France and Canada have paid compensation and enhanced pensions to their test veterans. Britain stands alone in refusing to acknowledge their service.

That is why the Mirror has supported their campaign for 30 years and why we will continue to stand by them until justice is done.

Sorry attempt

At last Boris Johnson has apologised for not wearing a mask when visiting Hexham Hospital – after Downing Street denied he had broken the rules.

Better late than never, but it does not excuse his behaviour or the lame cover-up attempt.

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