Chris Rufo challenges ‘The View’ co-host to let him ‘hash out’ CRT argument on-air after knocking his movement

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Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo provided to “hash out” his variations with “The View’” co-host Sunny Hostin on-air Thursday after she accused him of misrepresenting African American historical past in his campaign towards crucial race idea.

Rufo challenged Hostin to publicly debate the controversial ideology on Twitter after she chastised his motion in a phase about training earlier that morning. 

The View host Sunny Hostin

The View host Sunny Hostin
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“There’s a troll…Christopher Rufo who decided he is going to call African American history and the history of this country critical race theory,” Hostin informed viewers. “People like you have bought into it, and that’s a shame.”

Rufo later tweeted out a clip of Hostin’s feedback, with a suggestion to “come on your show and make the case against CRT.”

“The View’s Sunny Hostin calls me names and falsely claims that I want to ‘call African-American history ‘critical race theory,’’ he wrote in a tweet. “Let’s hash it out, @sunny: I am going to come in your present and make the case towards CRT. We’ll let the viewers determine who’s proper.”

Rufo has emerged as a distinguished crucial race idea opponent after documenting and exposing greater than 5,000 examples” of critical race theory in K-12 schools.

 Rufo emerged as a prominent critical race theory opponent after documenting and exposing examples of critical race theory in K-12 schools.

 Rufo emerged as a distinguished crucial race idea opponent after documenting and exposing examples of crucial race idea in Ok-12 colleges.
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In an interview with Fox Information final yr, Rufo stated he has change into such a high-profile media goal amongst liberals as a result of he is a “man with the goods.”

“You have Joy Reid putting my picture on her show every night, you have the Washington Post publishing ten articles directly attacking me, you have multiple New York Times articles, including some from the same author over a period of a few months denouncing me,” Rufo stated. 


“But I think what the record has shown is that I outsmarted them, I out hustled them, and then I outplayed them all, demonstrating that if you have hard evidence, if you have a supple mind and if you have a sophisticated strategy, one person with very little institutional support can expose the most powerful institutions in the country, can beat the really dishonest press that attempts to silence you and then provide a model for other people who know intuitively that something is wrong in our country but are not sure how to fight back. And to me, that’s been the lesson,” he added.

Fox Information’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.

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