Boris Johnson’s fatal absence of ­leadership in pandemic treats country with contempt – Voice of the Mirror

It was left to Sajid Javid to confirm there will be no new restrictions in England until 2022 – despite soaring infections at record levels

Boris Johnson was notable by his absence on Monday as his Health Secretary announced they’re not planning on doing anything

Boris Johnson’s fatal absence of ­leadership during the pandemic is an unforgivable failure from a ditherer who is treating the country with contempt.

His uncertainty has ruined the plans of millions of Britons and clobbered England’s struggling businesses.

The PM hiding instead of making an announcement to the nation smacked of poor judgment, laziness and cowardice.

He somehow managed to find the time to release a photograph with his wife, dog and new baby at Chequers over Christmas.

So it wasn’t too much to expect him to give us details on the state of play as discussed with advisers Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance.

Delegating the task to Health Secretary Sajid Javid was the buck-passing of a PM showing zero leadership at a crucial juncture.

We may debate the rights and wrongs of fresh restrictions yet leaders in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are at least decisive whereas Mr Johnson is damagingly evasive.

Budgets ablaze

Fuel bills soaring to a scorching £2,000 is a cost-of-living disaster in the new year.

The Government is hammering grafters and pensioners by increasing National ­Insurance, freezing income tax allowances, short-changing local authorities and putting up the prices of services such as rail fares.

Less money and higher inflation is miserable and those power bills will incinerate the living standards of people on middle and relatively high wages as well as low and fixed incomes.

Ministers blaming international gas prices is official inaction. Families deserve action from a Government genuinely on their side.

Hunts shame

Fox hunting remains a bloodsport after clashes between supporters of the red jackets and ­saboteurs protecting wildlife.

Killing animals with hounds is supposed to be illegal yet Oscar Wilde’s condemnation of the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable is as apt in 2021 as it was in 1893.

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