Bloody Mary Salmorejo Recipe | Bon Appétit

I make cold, tomato-based soups all summer because I am notoriously bad at using up all of the heirlooms in my weekly CSA produce box. When I’ve reached max capacity on BLTs and the ’matos are on their last legs, I throw them in a blender and drink the results (don’t knock it ‘til you try it) from a tall glass like a salty, ultra-refreshing smoothie.

What distinguishes a salmorejo from gazpacho—another Spanish warm-weather tomato soup—is the inclusion of bread as a thickener. I like toasted white bread here for the complex flavor note and velvety texture it provides. We’re ladling the chilled soup into bowls and giving it the Bloody Mary treatment with spicy, meaty, brine-y toppings that help make it feel like a full meal. —Kendra Vaculin

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